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More than forty years ago, I. Ansara and L. Kaufman wanted to create a lively community to promote interactions between scientists involved in the development of a method to describe the thermodynamic properties and phase diagram of material systems. By now, this group is known by the acronym CALPHAD (CALculation of PHAse Diagrams).

Since decades, the number of scientists involved in the CALPHAD method and in the problematics to which it is being applied have grown. In this context, the annual CALPHAD conferences continue on as the major events where all the contributors can discuss and initiate collaborations.

The next XLVI CALPHAD conference in Saint-Malo, France is a new opportunity to revive the Young Calphadian Meeting already held during CALPHAD XXXII in Canada and CALPHAD XXXIX in Korea. This informal event will be the opportunity to gather the Calphadian young generation and the senior experts involved in the development of CALPHAD.

Purpose and Objectives

The purpose of the Young Calphadian Meeting is to provide an informal forum with the senior experts of CALPHAD; many collaborative studies, international projects or enlightening articles would never have seen the light of day without their commitment to this international group.

The first goal is to engage young scientists (Ph.D. students, post-docs) and young researchers in the CALPHAD community, to exchange information with senior experts about their backgrounds and their involvement in the Calphad community. The second aim of this evening meeting is to promote exchanges between different generations of Calphad researchers and to encourage the young generations to enrich the use of thermodynamic experiments and calculations in their research activities. The participation to this event is largely advisable to all young researchers to enhance the collaborative environment inside our community.

On behalf of the conference chairs: Jean-Marc Joubert (ICMPE) and Annie Antoni-Zdziobek (SIMAP)

Stéphane Gossé

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