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Oral and poster presentation






Information about oral presentations:

The format for the oral presentations is 15 mn (12 mn + 3 mn questions). This is as was done in the Genova conference two years ago. It allows to have more presentations. Make sure to respect the time limit.


Information about poster sessions:

There will two poster sessions:
- session A: Monday 12 from 15.30 to 18.00
- session B: Tuesday 13 from 15.30 to 18.00

All the posters (A and B) will be displayed together at the same time.

Authors are requested to present their poster during one of the two sessions, according to the letter associated with their poster (A or B).

In addition, the posters will be available at any time Monday and Tuesday, in particular in the evening after dinner for free viewing.

The posters can be installed as soon as Sunday 11, in the afternoon after registration. The posters should be removed by Tuesday evening 22.00.

The dimensions of the poster panels are 110 cm in height and 95 cm in width (approximately A0 portrait layout). The poster panels are in felt and the posters can be attached by velcro stickers (provided).


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