Tällberg in Dalarna, Sweden,
May 24 - 29, 2020

Preliminary agenda

Sunday 24
Pre-conference workshops 2 – 5 pm.
Welcome reception at 6 pm followed by dinner.

Monday 25
Oral presentations and poster session in the evening.

Tuesday 26
Oral presentations and poster session in the evening.

Wednesday 27
Oral presentations and excursion in the afternoon.
Young Calphadians and Calphad board meeting in the evening.

Thursday 28
Oral presentations.
Conference banquette in the evening.

Friday 29
Oral presentations.
Conference ends with lunch and buses for Arlanda airport and Stockholm Central station depart at 2 pm.

It will be possible to add extra days before and after the conference in the registration form.

Conference Excursion to Falun Mine

The excursion for all participants, including accompanying persons, will take place in the afternoon on Wednesday, May 27th, and go to Falun and the old copper mine – a world heritage of UNESCO, https://www.falugruva.se/

During the 17th century the Falun mine was the biggest mine and had the most modern production in Europe. Here 70% of Europe´s copper was produced at the time.

The red paint, called FALU RED, still used in great parts of Sweden, is still produced although the mine closed in 1992.

Please observe that for this excursion you need to bring practical and robust shoes!!

Accompanying person program

As this year’ s conference will take place in the heart of Sweden, in Dalecarlia around lake Siljan, the accompanying person will be able to experience traditions still active since hundreds of years. At the end of the 19th century many of our most famous painters, poets and composers found a home in this area. It was a romantic period when all searched their roots and found what they meant was the original Sweden.

Three day trips are planned in the local area, with a guide and chartered bus, on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. We will visit handmade prints of cloth by JOBS, Leksand, the open air stage of DALHALLA, Rättvik, the Arctic WILD LIFE CENTER in Orsa and the home of the famous painter ANDERS ZORN, Mora, as well as the village where the symbol of Sweden the famous DALA HORSE is produced.

Trips will start in the morning and return in the afternoon. We make a stop for Lunch and also make sure there will be time for strolling and shopping.


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