Tällberg in Dalarna, Sweden,
May 24 - 29, 2020

To the conference: There will be two chartered buses on Sunday* 24th: one from the central station in Stockholm at 9 am leaving directly for Tällberg (arriving around 1 pm) and one at 12 am from the central station in Stockholm via Arlanda (terminal 5) at about 13 pm arriving in Tällberg around 4.30 pm.

From the conference: buses for Arlanda airport and Stockholm Central station depart at 2 pm on Friday 29th.

Chartered buses require a supplemental fee and need to be pre-ordered at registration.

In addition, there are good train connections to Tällberg from either Stockholm Arlanda airport or Stockholm Central Station, https://www.sj.se/en/home.html#/

*correction compared to the first announcement sent out where it said Saturday