Mannheim, Germany
May 26-31, 2024

I. Definition and History

In celebration of the 150th birthday of Josiah Willard Gibbs, who was born in 1839, the Gibbs Triangle Award was established in 1989 to recognize outstanding contributions to the field of CALPHAD. The name of the award has been taken from Gibbs’ composition triangle, commonly used in representing ternary phase diagrams.

II. Rules

A. Persons receiving the award will have made outstanding contributions to studies of ternary and higher-order phase diagrams, their thermodynamic background and principles of construction as well as methods of calculation and assessment work.

B. The selection will be based on information provided in the nomination package, including a discussion of the candidate’s contributions to the field of CALPHAD, and a resume of the candidate’s professional activities and publications that relate to the nomination.

C. Any person in the CALPHAD community can make a nomination.

D. The CALPHAD Advisory and Editorial Board members are encouraged to make nominations.

E. The recipient will be an individual.

F. The award will be given once every third to fifth year.

G. No candidate shall be selected for an award posthumously.

H. The recipient should be present at the award event for appropriate recognition and give a keynote speech at a CALPHAD conference except unusual circumstances.

III. Physical Description of the Award

The award is a musical triangle with “Gibbs Triangle Award”, “Presented by CALPHAD” and the name of recipient and year of the award on the three sides of the triangle. 

IV. Awards Selection Committee

A. Appointments: The committee consists of previous CALPHAD Gibbs Triangle Award Recipients.

B. Report of the Award Selection Committee

  1. The committee shall, by 1 November one year preceding that in which the award is to be made, recommend one candidate to the Advisory Board and the CALPHAD Editorial Board for vote by a simple majority.
  2. In addition to the nomination package, the committee shall prepare a statement, in thirty words or less, of the candidate’s accomplishments, which is to be announced in the CALPHAD journal.