Mannheim, Germany
May 26-31, 2024

Fredrik Haglöf

Calculation of finite temperature thermodynamic properties for metastable magnetic allotropes

Poster: Poster_CALPHAD_2021_Haglöf_Fredrik.pdf
Video: Poster_Video_CALPHAD_2021_Haglöf_Fredrik.mp4

Shenglan Yang

On Ni coarsening in Ni-yttria stabilized zirconia electrodes: Three-dimensional multi-phase-field simulation supported by key experiments

Poster: Poster_CALPHAD_2021_Shenglan_Yang.pdf
Video: Video_CALPHAD_2021_Shenglan_Yang.mp4

Xin Wang

CALPHAD-based Alloy Design and Uncertainty Quantification for Additive Manufacturing

Poster: Poster_CALPHAD_2021_Wang_Xin.pdf
Video: CALPHAD_poster_video.mp4

Qiang Tang

Anisotropic atomic mobilities of hcp Zr(O) solid solution and their application in description of early-stage oxidation process of pure Zr

Poster: Poster_CALPHAD_2021_Tang_Qiang.pdf
Video: Video_CALPHAD_2021_Tang_Qiang.mp4

Kazushige Ioroi

Experimental Determination of Phase Diagram in the Cr-Si Binary System

Poster: poster.pdf
Video: video.mp4

Renata Caroline Mota Santos

DICTRA® phase transformation study in AISI 442 used in steel mills heat exchangers

Poster: CALPHAD_ Renata Caroline Mota Santos.pdf