2021 (L) Boston, USA, by
Yu Zhong and Wei Xiong

2022 (LI) Belgium/UK, by 
Nele Moelans and Nils Warnken
2023 (LII) Canada, by
In-Ho Jung and Patrice Chartrand    
2024 (LIII) Germany, by
Hans Seifert and Andre Schneider

2025 (LIV), Korea, by 
Joonho Lee, Youn-Bae Kang        

2026 (LV), Austria, by
Ernst Kozeschnik and Erwin Povoden-Karadeniz        
2027 (LVI), Russia, by
Alexandra Khvan
2028 (LVII), China

2029 (LVIII)  North America

2030 (LIX)  Europe 2031 (LX) 2032 (LXI)

2033 (LXII)

2034 (LXIII) 2035 (LXIV) 2036 (LXV)