May 22-27, 2005
Maastricht, The Netherlands



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The posters will be exposed in two rooms - continuously, from the beginning to the end of the conference.

The subjects of the posters in Room I (Grande Suisse) have a distinct flavour of Calphad Thermodynamics: first principles; thermodynamic phase diagram analysis; algorithms for G minimization; kinetic matters.

The posters in Room II (Pegasus) comprise a variety of subjects: teaching; statistical thermodynamics; experimental determination of phase equilibrium relationships - whether or not in combination with thermodynamic analysis; (micro)calorimetry; molar volumes; viscosities; surface tensions; and subjects from the realm of molecular alloys.


Index of posters in room I (Grande Suisse) :

I 01

E.C. Do and B.J. Lee

Semi-Empirical Interatomic Potentials for Nitrogen and Nitrides

I 02

J.W. Jang and B.J. Lee

Semi-Empirical Interatomic Potentials for Hydrogen and Hydrides

I 03

D.W. Shin and Z.K. Liu

Automatic Thermodynamic Database Development

I 04

A.L. Udovsky, A.A. Mirzoev and M.M. Yalalov

Calculation of the mixing energy of the Fe-Cr alloys by the first principal methods of computer simulations

I 05

W.J. Golumbfskie, D.W. Shin, R. Arroyave and Z.K. Liu

Combining First-Principles and CALPHAD: Al-Ni-Y Phase Diagram Prediction

I 06

G.C. Coelho, J.M. Fiorani, C.A. Nunes, N. David, J.C. Gachon and M. Vilasi

New assessment of the Si-B (silicon-boron) system

I 07

J.P. Harvey and P. Chartrand

The Al-Li-Mg System Revisited

I 08

M. Ohno and R. Schmid-Fetzer

Thermodynamic assessment of Mg-Al-Mn phase equilibria

I 09

S. Al Shakhshir and M. Medraj

Thermodynamic Modeling of the Mg-Al-Y System

I 10

J. Wang

Thermodynamic assessment of the Nb-Cr-Al system

I 11

M. Hosseinifar and D.V. Malakhov

The development of a database on the Al-Mg-Fe-Si-Mn-R system (R = Y, La, Ce) – the first steps

I 12

N. Hanaya, Y. Koui, H. Ohtani and M. Hasebe

Thermodynamic analysis of the Fe-Nb-P ternary system

I 13

K. Frisk, J. Bratberg and A. Markström

Thermodynamic modelling of the M6C carbide in cemented carbides and high-speed steel

I 14

B. Uhrenius

Comments on the FeCrWC system

I 15

E. Povoden, A. Nicholas Grundy and L.J. Gauckler

Assessment of the Cr- O and Cr-Mn-O Systems in the Frame of SOFC research

I 16

J.Y. Shen, W.K. Kim , M.Y. Chu and T.J. Anderson 

Thermodynamic Optimization of the Cu-In-Se Ternary System

I 17

J. de Keyzer, K.C. Hari Kumar, B. Blanpain and P. Wollants

Thermodynamic optimisation of the Co-Cu system

I 18

M. Palumbo, S. Curiotto and L. Battezzati

Thermodynamic analysis of the stable and metastable Co-Cu-Fe phase diagrams

I 19

A.L. Udovsky, M.V. Kupavtsev, H.A.J. Oonk and M. Jacobs

The Comparison between U-algorithm and J-algorithm calculations the miscibility gaps for ternary systems

I 20

A.L. Udovsky, M.V. Kupavtsev and H.A.J. Oonk

The application of self-consistent on one association model for calculation miscibility gap of melts for uranium-oxygen system

I 21

I.V. Pentin, A.A. Grosheva and N.V. Kozhemiakina

The Miscibility Gap in Cadmium, Mercury and Zinc Tellurides. Theoretical description

I 22

A. Kostov, B. Friedrich, D. Zivkovic, C. Lochbichler and J. Stoephasius

Predicting thermodynamic stability of crucible oxides in molten titanium alloys

I 23

V.N. Kuznetsov, and A.L. Udovsky

CALPHAD-analysis of influence of the decay of Fe-Cr BCC phase on temperature dependence of its heat capacity

I 24

I. Ohnuma, R. Kainuma and K. Ishida

Application of CALPHAD approach for Development of Carbide Dispersion Carburized (CDC) Steels

I 25

R. Tenu, A.J. Bougrine, V. Goutelle and J.J. Counioux

Modelling of the solid-liquid-vapor equilibria in the HNO3-H2O system

I 26

N. David, Y. Cartigny, T. Belmonte, J.M. Fiorani and M. Vilasi

Thermodynamic description of the CrNbSi isothermal section at 1473 K

I 27

C.S. Oh, H.N. Han, J.K. Lee, D.W. Suh and S.J. Kim

Analysis of Austenite to Ferrite Transformation in Hypoeutectoid Steel by the Modified JMAK Equation and Diffusion Simulation

I 28

A. Costa e Silva and F.Rizzo

Modeling the austenite transformation in “TRIP-like” steels

I 29

A. Costa e Silva

Challenges and opportunities in the development of clean steels using computational thermodynamics

I 30

S. Petersen, K. Hack, G. Eriksson and P. Monheim

SimuSage – The Component Library for Rapid Process Modelling

I 31

K. Hack, T. Jantzen, A. Ruh, M. Spiegel, K. Pentillä, U. Krupp and V. Braz da Trindade

Development of Databases and Thermochemical Modelling of Processes during Hot Corrosion of Heat Exchanger Components


Index of posters in room II ( Pegasus) :   

II 01

S.G. Fries, B. Böttger, P. Schaffnit and I. Steinbach

Learning about liquid-solid and solid-solid transformations using MICRESS as a teaching tool

II 02

A.Yu. Zakharov

On the exact results in statistical thermodynamics of condensed matter

II 03

P. Perrot, É. Walle, M. Parise, G. Reumont and M.N. Avettand-Fénoël

Evaluation of the Zr-U-I-O Diagram and Influence of the Iodine  Potential on the Zircaloy Cladding Behavior

II 04

R. Fourmentin, M.N. Avettand-Fénoël, G. Reumont and P. Perrot

Thermodynamical Investigation of the Al-Cr-Zn System at 460°C

II 05

L. Eleno, A. Schneider and G. Inden

Experimental determination and thermodynamic modelling of Fe-based high-melting alloys

II 06

M. Kaskiala, M. Hämäläinen, M. Arponen

Prevention of Red Scale Formation during Hot Rolling

II 07

A. Janz, J. Gröbner, D. Mirkovic and R. Schmid-Fetzer

Mg-Al-Ca-Li – Alloys: Thermodynamics and Key Experiments

II 08

H.Y. Kim, S.W. Han and H.M. Lee

Effect of Mn and Cr addition on crystallization sequence and phase formation in A356 alloy; comparison between calculations and experiments

II 09

M. Kraus, A. Kroupa, P. Miodownik, M. Svoboda and J. Vrestal

Microstructure of Superaustenitic Steels After Long-term Annealing

II 10

S. Matsumoto, H. Ohtani and M. Hasebe

Thermodynamic analysis of Phase Equilibria in the Nb-Ni-Ti system

II 11

S.S. Lian ,C.D. Wu , T.T. Shun and A.K. Li

The exploring of phase diagram of high entropy alloys Fe- Al- Cu- Co- Ni- Cr

II 12

C. Toffolon-Masclet, T. Guilbert, T. Cozzika and R. Jerlerud-Pérez

An experimental study of the Zr-Sn system

II 13

O. Dovbenko, M. Palm and F. Stein

Phase equilibria in the Al-Co-Nb ternary system in the vicinity of the Laves phases

II 14

P. Amornpitoksuk, J.C. Tedenac and D. Ravot

Phase transformations in the Co–Fe–Sb system

II 15

F. Bosselet, S. Pontevichi, F. Barbeau, M. Sacerdote-Peronnet, O. Dezellus and J.C. Viala

Experimental refinement of the Al-Fe-Si phase equilibria

II 16

L. Glaner, A. Watson , L.A. Cornish and R. Süss

Calorimetric Measurements for a Pt-based Thermodynamic Database

II 17

E.Chakroun-Ouadhour, R. Ternane, D. Ben Hassan Chehimi, M. Trabelsi Ayadi and N. Kbir Ariguib

Modelling of the Equilibrium Diagrams of the Systems: Na3PO4-Pb3(PO4)3 and Ag3PO4-Pb3(PO4)3

II 18

D. Kobertz, M. Florjan, T. Markus and K. Hilpert

Study of the NaI – CeI3 System by Differential Thermal Analysis

II 19

P. Masset, M. Jorgensen, C. Apostolidis, R.J.M. Konings

Determination of the LiCl-NpCl3 phase diagram

II 20

A. Markström

Prediction of volume fractions, densities and thermal expansion for multi-component alloys using thermodynamic calculations combined with a database for molar volumes

II 21

D. Zivkovic, I. Katayama, R. Novakovic   , J. Lee and T. Tanaka

Thermodynamic and surface properties of liquid Bi-Ga-Sn alloys

II 22

R. Pajarre, P. Koukkari, T. Tanaka and J. Lee

Computing Surface Tensions of Binary and Ternary Alloy Systems with the Gibbsian Method

II 23

L.C.Pardo, M. Barrio, J.Ll. Tamarit, D.O. López, J.Salud, Ph. Negrier and D. Mondieig

Pressure-temperature phase diagrams and two-component systems: Non-experimentally available thermodynamic properties

II 24

R. Chellappa, D. Chandra

High Pressure Raman Spectroscopy and Synchrotron Powder X-ray Diffraction Studies on Organic “Plastic Crystal” Thermal Energy Storage Materials

II 25

M. Barrio, L.C. Pardo, H.A.J.Oonk, J.Ll. Tamarit, D.O. López and J. Salud

Mixed Crystals formed by methylchloromethanes: Thermodynamic overview of the orientationally disordered forms

II 26

J.H. Los and M. Matovic

Kinetic phase separation domains

II 27

M. Matovic, J.C.van Miltenburg and J. Los

Metastability in Solid Solution Growth

II 28

M.A. Cuevas-Diarte, T. Calvet, L. Ventolà, V. Metivaud, E. Moreno, D. Mondieig and H.A.J. Oonk

Molecular Alloys as temperature-adjustable Phase Change Materials

II 29

E.R.T. Bevers and P.J. van Ekeren

Waste Heat made useful by a Chemical Heat Pump


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