May 22-27, 2005
Maastricht, The Netherlands



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Dear Colleagues,

Time is running fast, and that's why I would like to remind you of the December 15 deadline for: 

  • expressing your wish to present a paper (oral presentation/poster) at CALPHAD XXXIV;
  • payment of the conference fee at reduced rate;
  • expressing your wish to share your room with a colleague participant.

I take this opportunity to give you a look behind the scenes:

  • The arrangements with 'Maastricht' were made spring 2003 - the time of CALPHAD XXXII, organized by our Colleagues from Montreal. At that time our fee system was in perfect balance with the Canadian one. The sad thing - something beyond our control as you may understand - is that the EURO has flown away from the USDollar - to the extent of 30 percent !
  • The early deadline of December 15 for payment at a reduced rate has to do with the fact that Maastricht expects us to make a substantial down payment by the end of this year.
  • We hold the view that (PhD) students, like their professors, are supported by their home institutions. For that reason we do not have special rates for students (although, in our communication with Maastricht the shared room option is referred to as the 'student option').

For obvious reasons, we prefer payment by credit card. If, however, payment by bank transfer is preferred, please let us know - so that we can send the necessary details.

For more information, and to download registration forms, please see our WEBSITE: 

With kind regards, Yours sincerely



Professor Harry A.J. Oonk
Chemical Thermodynamics Group
Debye Institute, Faculty of Chemistry, Utrecht University
Padualaan 8, NL-3584 CH Utrecht, The Netherlands
tel +31 30 2533506 , fax +31 30 2533946 ; 


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