May 22-27, 2005
Maastricht, The Netherlands



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Dear Colleague,

This is to remind you of the deadline - March 1st, 2005 - for the submission of abstracts for CALPHAD XXXIV.

For your convenience a template-for-preparing-abstracts is attached to this message. Please realize that we are unable to honour all requests for an oral presentation - their number is already exceeding our capacity. Our ambition is to arrive at a balanced composition of overall programme and individual sessions - along with a permanent exposition of the posters.

For travel information, please consult our website.

On behalf of the Colleagues of the Organizing Committee,

Yours sincerely,


To download the template for abstracts, please move you mouse pointer to the icon left of this text, press the right button of your mouse and choose "Save Target As ...". Select the location on your PC where you want to store the file.


Professor Harry A.J. Oonk
Chemical Thermodynamics Group, Faculty of Chemistry
Petrology Group, Faculty of Geosciences
Utrecht University
Padualaan 8, NL-3584 CH Utrecht, The Netherlands
tel +31 30 2533506 ; fax +31 30 2533946


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