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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the poster size?
Poster size is A0, 841mm X 1189mm.

What kind of clothing is necessarry?
Please, bring warm clothing, weather maight be quite cold.

How can I get from the Ivalo airport to the conference?
You can either use the Bus, approx 11 eur, or taxi. approx. 30 eur. At the airport there will be one of us to guide you to the right direction. Look for the Calphad sign.

If I want to stay in Helsinki near the airport for one night, what hotels should I use?
Hotels near the airport can be found in this page, change language at top right corner. If you have more time, the taxi trip form airport to the city centre is approximately 25 mins.

How are the internet connections in the conference?
In the conference hotel, there is quite good WLAN coverage. Some rooms also have ethernet cables.

Are there any stores in town?
There are some food stores, clothing stores and souvenir stores.

Is there a liquor store in town?
Yes there is a liquor store with quite extensive collection.

Are there any polar bears?
No there is not, but there are regular bears, reindeers and other animals.

Map with important places coming soon!

In this page we try to answer on most answerd quetions.

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