Student Fellowships

Two possibilities are available for students planning to attend the 2010 CALPHAD Meeting
  1. The CALPHAD, Inc. will offer up to 10 CALPHAD Scholarships to students who will give presentations at the CALPHAD meeting. This scholarship will cover the registration fee for the CALPHAD meeting. To apply for the registration funds, following documents must be submitted before January 15, 2010 by e-mail ( to the conference organizing committee and the decision will be made by March 1, 2010.

    • A contributed abstract to the CALPHAD meeting
    • An application letter explaining their motivation (one page maximum)
    • A brief biographical note (one page maximum)
    • A support letter from thesis advisor (one page maximum)

  2. The Foundation for Applied Thermodynamics (Stiftelsen för Tillämpad Termodynamik, STT) offers funding which may be used for attending the CALPHAD meeting (travel funds). The STT application instruction is shown below and can be submitted to Prof. Mats Hillert by e-mail (mats at The following excerpts from the statutes of the Foundation define what grants can be given.
    • The main purpose of the Foundation is to support scientific research on and development of thermodynamic databases and computer programs in order to serve the interest of human life, work and environment.
    • The Foundation will act for its main purpose by granting scholarships and other grants to individual researchers; mainly researchers or research students working with modelling, development or applications of thermodynamic calculations within the fields of materials, energy, physics or chemistry. Purposes, which benefit these fields within KTH, should be given priority.
    • Grants will especially be given for carrying out research projects, taking part in conferences and visits and for financing guest researchers. Only in exceptional cases will grants be given for the purchase of scientific equipment.
There are no special forms for the application. The money shall be spent within a year from the date of decision and a written report shall be submitted to the Foundation. Applications, which have reached the Foundation no later than January 31, will be considered at a meeting in March. Other applications will be considered at a board meeting no later than November. The decision will depend on how much funds are available at that time.