CALPHAD XL, 2011 May 22
- 27
, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
List of Poster Presentations
All posters will be on display starting on monday morning, until friday morning
Applications to process and materials design and development
[P1] V. Lutsyk, A. Zelenaya
“Wrong and Useful" Models of SiO
T-x-y Diagram
[P2] Ashutosh S. Gandhi, Abhiram Muralidhar, K.C. Hari Kumar
Effect of surface energy on the zirconia-yttria phase diagram: a CALPHAD approach
[P3] W. V. Bielefeldt, A. C. F. Vilela
Thermodynamic analysis of the inclusions formation in steels for the automotive industry
[P4] Fábio Dian Murari, André Luiz Vasconcellos da Costa e Silva, Roberto Ribeiro de Avillez
Effect of Boron on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Cold Rolled Multiphase Steels
[P5] Fiquiri Hodaj, O. Mailliart, V. Chaumat
The role of atmosphere on the interfacial interactions between molten oxide glasses and silicon carbide
[P6] Humberto Luiz Gama de Magalhães, Carlos Antônio da Silva, Andre Luiz Vasconcelos da Costa e Silva
Title Improve cleanliness of SAE 1045 Al-killed steel grade with applied in the automobilistic industry,
using computational thermodynamic
[P7] In Gee Kim, Jee Yong Lee
Computational Thermodynamics and Spheroidisation of Bearing Steels
[P8] José Britti Bacalhau, Eduardo Netto de Souza, Alexandre Bellegard Farina, Celso Antonio Barbosa
Thermodynamic Simulation Of Nitrogen And Manganese Contents In Delta Ferrite Formation Of Plastic
Mold Stainless Steel
[P9] Marcos Flavio de Campos, Shimeni Baptista Ribeiro, Jefferson Fabricio Cardoso Lins,
Alexandre Bellegard Farina
Microstructural Evolution in the Aging of Inconel 718
[P10] Meire Guimarães Lage, André Luiz V. da Costa e Silva
Evaluating segregation in HSLA steels using computational thermodynamics
[P11] M. Ba, A. Dia, P. Berthod, L. Aranda, Th. Schweitzer, P. Villeger
Experimental and thermodynamic study of ternary Fe-30Cr-xC carbon-rich alloys with x varying from
2.5 to 5.0wt.%
[P12] Patrice Berthod
Thermodynamic calculations used for characterizing the sub-surfaces changes induced by high temperature
oxidation for carbides-reinforced alloys
[P13] Rodrigo Freitas Guimarães, Hélio Cordeira de Miranda, Hamilton Ferreira Gomes de Abreu,
Fernando Henrique Costa Sabóia
The effect of Cr and Mo in the formation of intermetallic phases
[P14] Rogério Navarro Correia de Siqueira, Roberto Ribeiro de Avillez, Eduardo de Albuquerque Brocchi
Chlorination of vanadium oxide under the presence of graphite
[P15] Takashi Maehsima, Kouji Tanaka, Tadashi Ohshima and Hisaaki Takao
Prediction of liquid phase behavior during the rapid transient liquid phase bonding process of steel using
cementite filler metals