Conference Summary

We thank all the participants of CALPHAD XLI. The meeting was attended by 156 participants from 22 countries. The meeting included eight oral sessions and three evening poster sessions, covering recent developments in thermodynamic modeling, first-principles predictions, assessments and database development, diffusion and phase-transformation modeling, software development, experimental measurements, and applications. A final copy of the program and photos from the conference can be found following the links below.

Final Program

The final version of the program can be found here. This program contains all of the contributions made in the morning, afternoon and evening sessions, including all the last-minute program changes. The abstracts are also included.


Some photos from the conference can be viewed by clicking on the link below.


We gratefully acknowledge our sponsors: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, CompuTherm, Thermo-Calc Software, Thermfact, FactSage, GTT Technologies, the Foundation for Applied Thermodynamics (STT), and Calphad, Inc.

Conference Venue

The forty-first CALPHAD International Conference was held at the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel & Executive Meeting Center Berkeley Marina, 200 Marina Boulevard, Berkeley, California 94710, USA.

We sincerely appreciate all the help and kind service of the hotel staff. They contributed in countless ways to making the meeting a success.

A Few Words from Larry

"Thirty eight years have passed since my late colleague, Himo Ansara, and I held the first meeting of the CALPHAD Project in Cambridge, Massachusetts as recounted in the first paper of the CALPHAD journal. Invitations and participation were sent to many of our coworkers as listed to spend a week defining their views and future goals for this field. It is safe to say that the current meeting will exceed by far the most ambitious of these hopes. The expected quality of the papers and large number of first time young researcher attendees, I am sure, will testify to the efforts of the organizing committee. I would like to see the promising inclusion of kinetic description based on explicit thermo-chemical and mobility models and experimental data for multi-component systems be amply discussed during CALPHAD XLI since out-of-equilibrium processes play such a critical role in modern materials science."

Larry Kaufman, Brookline, Massachusetts, December, 2011

Organizing Committees

Conference Chairs and Coordinators
Mark Asta (University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA)
Patrice E. A. Turchi (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, CA, USA)

Honorary Chairs
Larry Kaufman (CALPHAD, Inc., MA)
Zi-Kui Liu (Pennsylvania State University, PA)

International Scientific Committee
Igor Abrikosov (Sweden)
John Agren (Sweden)
Gabriele Cacciamani (Italy)
Costa e Silva (Brazil)
Sergei Decterov (Canada)
Nathalie Dupin (France)
Yong Du (P. R. of China)
Suzana Fries (Germany)
Marcelle Gaune-Escard (France)
Tomas Gomez-Acebo (Spain)
Christine Gueneau (France)
Herbert Ipser (Austria)
Masaki Kurata (Japan)
Byeong-Joo Lee (Republic of Korea)
Tetsuo Mohri (Japan)
Arthur Pelton (Canada)
Michel Rappaz (Switzerland)
Fernando Rizzo (Brazil)
Peter Rogl (Austria)
Marcel Sluiter (The Netherlands)
Mojmir Sob (Czech Republic)
Bo Sundman (France)
Rainer Schmid-Fetzer (Germany)
Jean-Claude Tedenac (France)
Caroline Toffolon (France)
Jan Vrestal (Czech Republic)
Andrew Watson (UK)

National Scientific Committee
Theodore Besmann (ORNL, TN)
Carelyn Campbell (NIST, MD)
Ursula Kattner (NIST, MD)
Rory Kennedy (INL, IA)
Paul Mason (Thermo-Calc, PA)
John Perepezko (U. of Wisconsin Madison, WI)
Tresa Pollock (U. of California Santa Barbara, CA)
John Vitek (ORNL, TN)
Fan Zhang (Computherm LLC, WI)