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Aim of the Conference

The International CALPHAD Conference has been held regularly since 1973, and provides those who are interested in thermodynamics, kinetics and related subjects of phase diagrams with friendly atmosphere of discussion of their works.

Topics include:
Ab initio (first-principles) Predictions
Thermodynamic Modeling
Computational Materials Science
CALPHAD Assessments and Database Development
Diffusion and Phase Transformation Modeling
Software Development
Experimental Thermodynamics and Kinetics
Applications of CALPHAD Methodology (e.g. meso-scale and process modeling)
Nano-materials, Functional Materials, Meta-materials, and others
Applications of CALPHAD Methodology to Societal Issues (e.g. energy)

According to CALPHAD tradition, there will be no parallel sessions, and the program includes both oral and poster presentations each day. Computer demonstrations from participants are also welcome and encouraged.

Important Dates

31 January 2016 Deadline for student fellowship application
31 January 2016 Deadline for early registration
15 February 2016 Deadline for abstracts
29 February
31 March 2016 Deadline for registration


Important Notice

  • Electricity: 100V
  • Outlet (socket): Type-A
  • WiFi: Inside a guest room, you can connect ONLY through cable. You are recommended to bring your cable.
    Wireless WiFi is limited to some area including conference rooms.
  • A lunch will be served on the last day (June 3rd). Due to limited numbers, those who wish to take lunch are recommended to contact the secretariat at the reception desk.
  • Currency exchange
    Currency exchange is available at the Westin hotel but it is VERY limited.
    Therefore, we do recommend you to exchange at the airport.
  • ATM
    There is NO ATM at the hotel or the conference center.
    International fund transfer is not available.
  • Oral Presentation
    Invited lecture: 40 min (Presentation 35 min, Q&A 5 min)
    Plenary lecture: 30 min (Presentation 25 min, Q&A 5 min)
    Ordinary talk: 20 min (Presentation 15 min, Q&A 5 min)
  • Poster presentation and Poster short oral presentation
    Poster board size: H 180 cm / W 90 cm
    Poster short oral presentation: 2 min (No Q&A time)

Recent Updates

15 Dec. 2015 Website Open



Supporting organizations

  • The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan
  • The Japan Institute of Metals and Materials

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